Curriculum At Marbles

Curriculum:Feed the mind and free the imagination….

We believe that every child matters and that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging.

At Marbles we are committed to delivering inspirational teaching that develops confident learners.

In Marbles, our Montessori methodology is committed to serving children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 2 to 5 years. We follow the basic Montessori philosophy incorporating Art, Music and Movement, Dance, Gymnastics, Smart class and outdoor play activities.


Just as scaffolding is put up to support the structure of the building as it is being built and gradually taken down as the building is able to stand on its own,


Marbles  provide the necessary support for a child Personality Development to allow them to become more independent.  

In our classrooms we use age appropriate activities and learning tools, to create a flexible environment to meet the needs and interests of every child in our care. While we strongly feel that Pre-school years need to be full of nurturing and praise, we take pride in teaching independence and preparing our children for the years ahead of them.


  • Language expression and listening skills are experienced through circle time, literature and music.                 
  • Science, art, and dramatic play centers allow children to explore, create and discover.
  • Fine motor skills and Gross motor skills are developed through art, manipulative and gym activities.