Programs at Marbles Play School


  • Play Way :

Age for getting admitted in this program is 1 ½ years.

The first two years of a child’s life are critical for brain and language development.Playway has been included into organized curriculum to give a holistic learning and development of the children with a fun filled environment. The child understands his needs and goals while playing, so it is very important to teach children with play. It has been proved that maximum amount of learning results while playing. While playing, the environment for kids is very relaxed and this makes learning interesting and fun. The informal and free atmosphere gives the kids a chance to learn concepts ideas like math, and even language. Thus in playway toys and apparatus like beads, building blocks, puzzles etc., are used to make teaching and learning a memorable experience from the child’s perspective.


  • Pre Nursery:

The appropriate age for admitting in this program is 2 ½ years.

This is the age where your child will experience dramatic change. As they develop from a dependent baby to a much more independent child. As they reach our Pre Nursery class and progress along their path to pre-school, the children’s communication skills are developing and they move with purpose, asserting themselves effectively. It is around now where a child’s personality really shines through and we start to see their independence and individuality grow as they continue to gain control of their body and its functions. As the mood of a toddler remains unpredictable, we provide a relaxed environment for our Pre Nurseryclasses that allow our professional staff to alter their learning methods depending on your child’s current mood, interests and capabilities in order to provide a supportive environment as they continue to learn and develop.


  • Nursery :

Age required for admission in this program is 3 ½ years.As children progress to a stage more developed than toddlerhood, but not quite pre-school age, our aim is to introduce a structure and pace to our classes. Our Nursery class is the beginning of their educational journey so we introduce a style of teaching that will be developed as they progress through their final years with Marbles.

Finally, they will understand how to work successfully with others, communicating effectively to solve problems.


  • KG :

The age for getting admitted to this program is 4 ½ years.

Our KG class marks the final year of the Marbles curriculum, which has been specifically designed to ensure your child develops and learns at the expected rate in order to prepare them for a lengthy and successful school career. Our professional learning programme is dedicated to ensuring that your child academic basics that your child needs. By the time they leave us and embark on their school career, your child will be ready to read, socially adapt, have an understanding of the world and have a basic understanding of maths and science.


  • Infant Program

Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing, safe, and secure environment for our infants. Relaxing music is played and babies are carried frequently by teachers who interact with them. Attentive, loving adults always talk to babies especially during routines. They are gentle and respond quickly to baby’s activities and cries. In addition, teachers strive to develop self-help skills with each baby.

Because infants eat and sleep on demand or per their own individual routines, the schedule cannot be fixed for them.


  • After School Program :

Our after school program specifically emphasize on children till the age group of 12 years. Marbles is equipped with multiple resources and modern technology to ensure right learning of children.


Programs Eligibility Duration AM/PM


6 – 18 months

8.00 am to 6:30  pm

 Full Daycare


18 months – 4 years

8.00 am to 4 pm

AM Daycare

After School Juniors

2 years +

2.00 pm to 6:30 

PM Daycare

After School Seniors

4 years +

2.00 pm to 6:30 

PM Daycare