Our Endeavor

Marbles offer progressive preschool programs in a creative, innovative environment, so each child may maximize their potential growth and development. We provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere, which promotes optimal physical, social, emotional and cognitive development for the whole child. We help build each child's self-esteem and self-confidence. This is accomplished through quality teacher interaction, gentle guidance of age appropriate play and exploration of self selected activities and discovery learning.

For each child our goal is to :----

• Establish a good foundation for reaching their individual potentials.

• Build self-confidence and emotional security in a trusting environment, where they are treated with dignity.

• Promote a good self-image, to develop new skills and to encourage independence.

• Allow children to learn from each other and enjoy positive interaction with others. To exhibit self-control and to understand feelings and respect those of others.

• Stimulate language development, to be aware of non-verbal and verbal interaction, and to enhance communication skills through talking, songs, stories, books, and games.

• Provide new experiences and discoveries outside the home. To encourage them to use words to describe and understand their experiences and arrive at different possible solutions.

• Provide them with multicultural experience so that they may learn more about the world around them.